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La Plaza de Santa MartaLa Plaza de Santa Marta
The Plaza de Santa Marta is perhaps one of the loveliest corners Could we find in Seville. This secluded cobbled square is situated around the City Centre, a few meters from the Cathedral, without ambargo, and because of its hidden location, abalanchas remains free of tourists who crowd the center.

It is a small square with a cruise of the sixteenth century (cruise San Lazaro) in the middle of it, and surrounded by tall orange, perhaps the highest in the city because the narrow space let little sunlight, forcing the trees must grow. Behind the square belfry he shoots the old hospital of Santa Marta where they were welcomed in the nineteenth century Augustinian be seen. The Palza has a single street that serves both input and output, narrow alley silhouette reminiscent Arab arquitectuta own paths.

This input can be seen in the photo.

In short, we can say that this little corner belongs to one of the most idyllic places a visitor can find in Seville, located in the very center of Seville, but to be hidden, remains outside the bustle itself that runs through the center of Seville.


To see the location of the Plaza de Santa Marta click on the map:

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