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La Plaza de EspañaLa Plaza de España
Plaza of Spain in Seville, an architectural complex framed in the Parque de María Luisa, constitutes one of the most spectacular of the regional architecture. It was built as the main building of the Ibero-American Exposition in Seville in 1929 and its banks are represented all regions of Spain in sections of tiles, as well as busts of famous Spaniards in their walls.

The Plaza de Spain was the flagship project of the Latin American Exhibition of 1929. It was designed by the Sevillian architect Aníbal González, who was also architect of the exhibition event, was helped by a good set of collaborators, among which were the José Luis de Casso engineer and architect Aurelio Gomez Millan. Construction work began in 1914, the first stone laid by Alfonso XIII, 2, resulting in the most ambitious and expensive project of the Exhibition, coming to work in construction thousand men at the same time, it can be amazing, how a city difficult economic situation in those years, embarked on a project of this magnitude. Some aspects of the project raised some rejections, the Academy of Fine Arts opposed the planned height of the two towers that could rival the Giralda and the French architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, designer Maria Luisa Park, rejected

construction of the estuary around the square, for a city with great water scarcity as Seville.3 in 1926, following the resignation of Aníbal González from his position as director of the exhibition due to continuous budget cuts, assumes completion project architect Pedro Sánchez Nuñez.4 turn, is the architect Vicente Traver who ends enclosures enclosure and adds the source of the center of the Plaza.

La Plaza of Spain The construction of the square it was audited by the King Alfonso XIII himself, That a self responsible for VIGIL is made up of good Adequate parte Projects Exhibition. On January 31, 1928 Alfonso XIII rose to Torre Norte and stared That in Seville had recently erected Buildings 5 or 6 floors and commented the mayor of the city:

That Inhouse NO T Capital Raise Houses with MANY homes.Let not the character of Seville Lose! Outside locate this; But at the heart of the city, no. Sevilla have His legend, Has Its Barrio Santa Cruz, and AES Unique houses that give him aspect m UN Que No Lose Debe.

In 1928, Alfonso XIII Himself Various Affairs Office at the Plaza for the construction of pavilions and, to contemplate the whole of the Plaza of Spain, I say: "Gentlemen, I knew it was esta How nice, but not so much" .

The square is large (200 m diameter), HAS A semi-elliptical shape, symbolizing the embrace of Spain and its former colonies and Look Toward the River Guadalquivir As Way Forward Toward America. Its surface is the total of approximately 50,000 sq m, of which 19,000 are built and 31,000 Remaining Clearance son, bordered esta Through UN Walking my 515 is crossed by four bridges. Buildings They wrap the square are structured in a central building, Building Wings with excessive Intermediate That offset A LENGTH and Torres In The Extremes. This plant responds very closely to formal outline the type of Palladian villa with curved wings, Like the Villa Badoer Fratta Polesine or Villa Trissino in Meledo, shown by the Italian architect Andrea Palladio in SUS Four Books of Architecture, which Aníbal González knew.

The building is made of brick and large ceramic decoration, coffered ceilings, wrought iron and tooled and carved marble, which give the whole a Renaissance atmosphere, according to the writings of Aníbal González inspiration to design the square was the Renaissance Spanish, modernizándolo.5 the two towers flanking the square that provide a baroque style atmosphere measured 74 meters in height, and created anger among academics for rival in height with the Giralda The central fountain, designed by Vicente Traver, has been questioned because it breaks the roundness vacuum of space. The channel contains is crossed by 4 bridges that represent the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain. On the walls of the square is a series of 48 banks representing forty-six-all provinces except Seville Spanish mainland and the two archipelagos -Canarias and the Balearic Islands, with its seal, map and cloth pisano tile with facts Historic highlights of the province or archipelago represented, placed in alphabetical order. These banks are in four sections, and the beginning and end of each, is pisano cloth tile on the province of Seville.

Many other features of the work is the numerous reliefs by sculptor Pedro all Navia, being able to contemplate: Six Renaissance windows.

The coat of Sevilla decorating door of Navarra and Aragon. 24 imperial eagles with the shield of His Majesty Charles V. The 48 medallions with the bust of famous Spanish on each arc comprising each province. The four heralds three meters high that flank the two towers framing the palace in the upper promenade of the enclosure.


At first exhibition after finishing his destiny was part of the University of Seville, this is the reason for existing in each of the provinces niches. But after being used during the exhibition, became the headquarters of the military government, serving his term as the location of the Captaincy General, harboring years after addition of the central government delegation in Andalusia and while the Military Museum of Seville. Today it houses the sub-delegation of government.

Also notable is the existence of a theater within Captaincy General, very jealously guarded information that few people, including Seville, really know, housing classrooms and truly unknown artistic works.

Scenario movies [edit] The square of Spain has been used as the setting for some known films, including: In the film Lawrence of Arabia, the square representing the British Army headquarters in Cairo In the movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones of the saga of Star Wars, the square represents the planet Naboo, although the scene of the shooting was amended digitalmente.7 In the film The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen, released in 2012, this being the dictator modified mansion digitalmente.8 A parade troops in the film The Wind and the Lion, starring Sean Connery while.


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