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Museo FlamencoFlamenco Museum
The Flamenco museum is a gateway to the magical world of flamenco.Tanto interactive museum and shows, expand knowledge and aesthetics of flamenco incluyens in publications, exhibitions and articles in the shop, why is perform very singular events.

El Museo del Baile Flamenco is a living place and a meeting place, and That Provide information and knowledge, Makes an experience, it is an 'museum experience' led by experts can be seen, NOTED the evolution of flamenco, from a popular folklore at ITS MOST beautiful culture and artistic expression.

The museum, funded and supported by Cristina Hoyos, was built in a building of the eighteenth century on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple and this in turn, used stones carved Tartars. Located on the top of Seville, at the confluence of those streets where the city was born, has a vaulted cellar and a courtyard in the ecijano, unique style in Seville. The walls of the museum were elevated on an urn containing the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud and Indian writings as a symbol of peace and understanding. The unique architecture and the spirit of building envelop the visitor upon entering the museum.

Gradually, the Museum has become a reference for flamenco in Seville, the place you choose the personalities that pass through the city to see flamenco, but also choosing Seville.  Flamenco

In one of the few remaining yards ecijanos Sevilla a particular scenario, which we have provided theater lights, good sound and backdrops ... a small theater in a courtyard stands! And if sitting look at the sky you see hanging chairs and Seville orange.

Every day the cast of artists is changed, so one day you will see a "Cheers" bata de cola, shawl or sticks, another solemn "Seguiriya" flamenco "Solea por Bulerías" tragic "Taranto", a sensual "Tangos" or any other dance style or "stick" as we say here. You will see the difference between male and female flamenco dancing, dancer and dancer accompanied by exceptional musicians

In short a visit to this museum seems as essential to a good approach to culture and folklore Andalusian flamenco.


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After all days a year dede 10:00 to 19:00, including holidays