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Restaurant Zelai

Calle Albareda, 22, 41001 Sevilla

The Zelai Restaurant offers an extensive menu based on a lovely modern kitchen and aesthetics. Tapas elaborate at reasonable prices. It is centrally located next to the Plaza del Duque, ideal for tourists who are visiting the centro.Productos very good quality, well prepared, with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere. Worth paying, but better to stay at the bar, that table .. I highlight dishes, this can not ask for cover because they are a delight, which maintained over the years: red tuna tataki and beef tenderloin.

Restaurant La Mamarracha

Calle Hernando Colón, 1, 41004 Sevilla

Unico Restaurant Sevilla with vertical garden, good quality tapas tapas vasriopintas elaboradas.Son the same as Black Sheep and La Chunga, so you can make a vague idea. The atmosphere is cozy, modern, comfortable and distracted by if you do not have much conversation. The service is pretty good, the waiters are knowledgeable about the dishes, something interesting, without being heavy. As happens in restaurants of this style, it fills up fast. The menu is based on grilled meals with an Argentine twist of course! Everything I've tried has seemed exquisite. Even the simple roasted peppers with a spectacular salsa are recommended. The desserts are heavenly. Really, though you set the expectations high, will not disappoint

Restaurant La Oveja Negra

Hernando Colon 8, 41004 Sevilla

The restaurant is well decorated, it is modern and detailed. The background music is fast giving you an environment to the active, energetic but friendly local. Local staff is careful and effective in the treatment of clientes.Todos dishes are suggestive. Special mention for the chaps with creamed potatoes, masterful. Other dishes also quite good, although the gourmet minihamburguesa (already tired in this type of premises) does not stand beyond your presentation. Is recommended if you are looking for modern and different from the stale local typically found in the center of Seville, with good quality site.

Restaurant La Corona

C/Zaragoza 43, 41001 Sevilla, España

Establishment well located, central, with excellent quality tapas. The downside is its small space that weekend, make it difficult to find a free table. Otherwise, a recommended 100% and must try the sandwich of roastbeff or carpachio secret with Parmesan.

Restaurant Eslava

Calle Eslava, 3-5, 41002 Sevilla, España

This restaurant bar you surprised by the originality of their covers, there have been several awards, good presentation and adjusted price. The service is very nice and fast, always full and do not support table seeks to guarantee reservas.Para come soon, because from the 2 is almost full, although there is usually enough rotation. One of the most curious tapas "a cigar for Becquer" beautifully presented, and egg on boletus cake. They have good wines, and the pleasant surprise you take her to pay because their prices are very tight. Worth a visit.