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Las Columnas

Calle Rodrigo Caro, 1, 41004 Sevilla

The Bar Columns, named for existing columns in the entrance porch, offers tourists a wide variety of typical Sevillian tapas, like a hold of various wines for the enjoyment of the traveler. Located in Gagos Mateos, gives the possibility to take a snack to continue the route through the center of Seville. Being located very central, it is common find it crowded with tourists replenishing forces to continue their journey through Seville. This is a bar where they usually take the covers up, because although there are some tables, the porticoed space between the columns of the entrance, invites you to take the covers up, chatting and watching the flow of Mateos Gagos. Prices are very affordable, offering tapas from 2 €.

Restaurant Giralda

Mateos Gago 1 | Barrio de Santa Cruz, 41019 Seville

The Giralda Restaurant, located near the Bar Columns, offers a wide variety of dishes and tapas in Seville. Unlike the Bar Columns, is intended to eat at tables, and base portions. Dodne has several internal rooms sit empty tables if found, and enjoy their menu. In spring and noon hours, usually very difficult to find free tables, but with a little patience are achieved. The prices here are slightly higher than in Columns, but we must stress that this is more restaurant bar, unlike Columns.

Restaurante El Rinconcillo

Calle Gerona, 40, 41003 Sevilla

endearing and typical Seville place, perhaps the oldest tavern in the city, Seville past and current Sevilla breathe, good atmosphere and often hard to find a place in the bar (but it's worth this minor discomfort), also a la carte restaurant. Professional and fair kindness (which is appreciated), a variety of tapas, good ham, best cheese, and a cod pavías exquisite service and other dishes, cod with tomato, spinach with chickpeas, meat stews .. . Good quality / price ratio. Meeting place for Seville and advisable visit for those who come through our city.

Restaurant Bacchus

Calle Francos 42, Sevilla, Spain

Classic Restaurant located downtown, near El Corte Inglés in the Plaza del Duque. Specializing in dishes made with cod, offers magnificent dishes based on cod, with some high prices, but mrece worth the pay.