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El Alcazar de SevillaLos Reales Alcazares
The Alcázar of Seville begin to take its present appearance after the capture of the city by the Arabs in the year 713. They used their premises as a residence of its rulers from 720. In 884 the fortress helped prevent the Viking invasion city. At first it consisted of several campuses, as the House of Princes, housing in the ninth century ranging from Plaza del Triunfo to the Barrio de Santa Cruz.

One of the buildings around two courtyards is of the same era as the Alhambra in Granada. To carry out the work, were sent by King Mohamed V Nazari important craftsmen Toledo Granada, and local. It expanded with the housing of the emirs in the eleventh century, also in the twelfth century continued fortifying and adding rooms as the Alcazar or palace of Blessings, and a century later the Almohad added more courtyards and palaces.

After the reconquest of the city in 1248, the Alcazar were hosting the King Fernando III, taking customarily be hosting successive monarchs. El Alcazar de SevillaAlfonso X the Wise made the first reforms creating three large Gothic hall. Pedro I the Cruel, in 1364, subsequently decided to build what became the first palace of a Castilian king who was not protected behind the walls and defenses of a castle, and making his final appearance is now preserved Mudejar and still amazed by its splendor. The Gothic Chapel, the stop, the Patio de la Monteria and grotesque gardens rose. The Palacio de Pedro I is considered the most complete example of Moorish architecture in Spain.

remains of the ancient Islamic palace as the Patio del Yeso, from era before the Reconquista is still preserved. The works started by Pedro I prompted further transformations later kings and the Catholic Monarchs. Here Carlos I (V of Germany) celebrated his wedding to Isabella of Portugal on March 11, 1526. In one of his stays born in 1848 Infanta Isabel, granddaughter of Fernando VII. Alfonso XIII, great lover of the city, also made several reforms.


Right at the entrance is the Lion's Gate, the Almohad style. From there, everything is a set extraordinarily mixed Arab and Christian art. Across the Arab wall of the twelfth century reach the Patio de la Monteria, whose name comes from the huntsmen who accompanied the king on his hunting parties. In the Patio del León watermarks can admire the magnificent Palace of Peter I. To the right bed is preserved Admiral intended by Isabella as House of Trade after discovering the New World. It's The Virgin of the Navigators, Alejo Fernández, a work of 1531, in memory of the fact produced and which gave rise to the most celebrated voyages of the discoverers, as the First World Tour Magallanes saved. At the other end of the yard there are halls of the eighteenth century, built on the remains of a Gothic palace still the Baths of María de Padilla are preserved, the Chapel and Hall of Carlos V.


the Alcazar have witnessed great historical events of all kinds, given the nature of royal residence. It Carlos V celebrated his wedding to Isabella of Portugal and most recently holding the wedding of the Infanta Elena with Don Jaime de Marichalar, Duke of Lugo. On the other hand, duarnte two weeks of October 2014, the Reales Alcazares provided a backdrop for the filming of the popular American series "Game of Thrones" HBO production, recreating the Kingdom of Dorne. We suggest strolling through the magnificent gardens surrounding the different rooms of Alcazar.


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Hours from October to March: Monday to Sunday from 09.30 to 17.00 h. Hours April to September: Monday to Sunday from 09.30 to 19.00 h. Closed on days 1 and 6 January, Good Friday and 25 December.


General admission to the ground floor: € 9.50 Entrance to the ground floor for seniors and students 17 to 25 years: 2 € Fourth ticket to visit Real: € 4.50 Minors must be accompanied by an adult person. Check for disabled, under 16 and for those born or resident in Seville city: Free (crediting at the box office)