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Noticias sobre turismo de Sevilla


Diario de Sevilla, 24/10/2014: Tourism in Seville achieves the best September with 215,000 visitors

Sevilla ended the best September in tourism history to have reached the figure of 215,881 visitors, an increase of 9.52% over the same month last year, according to data from the Survey of Hotel Occupancy National Institute of Statistics. As reported in a statement the delegate of Employment, Economy, Local festivals and Tourism, Gregorio Serrano, the number of travelers resident in Spain has totaled 86,488, an increase of 16.25% compared to the 129,393 residents abroad, whose growth was 5.45%.

ABC, 11/09/2014: Sevilla is the city with more increase in tourists from Andalusia

Although beach destinations such as Malaga, Almeria and Cadiz, remain the most visited by tourists, this year 2014 has been a record for Sevilla and has not yet reached one of its major claims, Christmas. The Andalusian capital has already exceeded two million visitors and in percentage terms, is the city of the region that has grown in this area. According to the tourism balance by Turismo Andaluz, accommodation regulated Andalusians have received a total of 14.6 million passengers in the first nine months of 2014, representing an increase of four percent over the same period last year.

El Correo de Andalucía, 25/11/2014: Hoteliers estimated at 90% occupancy on the bridge of the Immaculate

the Hotel Association of Seville estimated at 90 percent occupancy for the bridge of the Immaculate, but remember that it is a shorter bridge at other times, while stressed that for Christmas there are "good" prospects for the city in terms of tourism. In this sense, the manager of the hotel, Santiago Padilla, has told Europa Press forecasts are "good" as indicators as to the preferences of Spanish for the bridge "also point to Sevilla". "Sevilla has always had good pull to the bridge of the Immaculate, but some years it is also having for Christmas," he says, recalling that at that time and the Christmas lights opens and grows the atmosphere of the city, "the it might be favoring the demand for the bridge. "